Kolkata singer threatened with rape for asking Uber driver to get off phone

In yet another shocking incident in Kolkatta, a city based singer was threatened with rape by an Uber driver, after he was asked to get off his phone and concentrate on the road. Cab drivers harassing women has become a regular instance these days and looks like there’s no end to such incidents.

Reportedly, the woman had booked the ride with her elderly mother and was alarmed by the driver’s nonchalance and hence, asked him to get off the phone. After hearing the request to drive safe and to get off the phone, the driver got enraged and started hurling abuses at the woman. The driver further went on to threaten her saying that he had the address of the woman and if she opened her mouth again, he would break into her house and rape her.

The woman was quick to respond to the thread and as she sensed danger, she sought help from a traffic sergeant when the cab stopped at a traffic signal and, subsequently, filed a complaint against the Uber driver.

Police officials were quick to respond and seized the cab. The driver has also been arrested and charges of attempt to molest and murder have been slapped on him.

Uber has released a statement on the incident and said that the company was sorry for the actions of the Uber driver. The company further assured the woman that action would be taken against the driver.


Uber team released a statement in regards to the incident and assured that they would be helping the authorities in the investigation. “Safety is a priority at Uber and what’s been described has no place on the app. Upon learning of the incident, we immediately removed the driver's access to the app. We will support law enforcement authorities in their investigation.”


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