PM wishes little fan who celebrates with a Modi cake

You can love him or loathe him but you simply can’t ignore him. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a force to be reckoned with. While India’s top boss has his fair share of critics, his popularity knows no boundaries, no barriers and definitely no age. This is a perfect case in point. PM Modi recently won our hearts after he made a little girl’s day by wishing her on her birthday.



The wish however came only after the girl took her fandom for the Prime Minister to another level. Or should we say layer? When asked what she wanted on her big day, the young girl named Belaku asked her father for an image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on her 11th birthday cake. Belaku's father tweeted a photo of the birthday cake along with a message that caught the Prime Minister's attention on Twitter.

Belaku’s father took to twitter to post the image of the cake and it truly looks like she’s a big fan. He even went on suggest that the PM is indeed a ‘chor’ given that he stole his daughter’s heart!

The PM’s reply to the post and now made it viral on the social media and people from across the country are pouring in birthday wishes to Belaku.

Belaku Narendra Modi Prime Minister Twitter

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