Roadside Ronaldo: Aamir Khan's son Azad has a kickabout in the Mumbai rains

"His father is perhaps the richest superstar in the Indian film industry but even Aamir Khan craves for a normal life for his son Azad"

"Little Azad was seen enjoying a kickabout with his maid and bodyguards in Mumbai recently. "

"But where are the other kids? Well, how many Bollywood kids have you seen playing on the road? We tried counting and managed to count one -- Azad."

"So, with his blue boots on, Azad indulged in some street soccer."

"Encouraged by the bodyguards Azad scored some goals too."

"But soon there was a call from home and it was time to call it a day."

"Rains mean having a lot of fun in the puddle and what better than a game of football. Even if it's sans the superstar. "

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