Bigg Boss meets Bauua Singh; Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan set the stage ablaze with their killer moves

"This is such a weekend treat. Shah Rukh Khan visited the sets of Bigg Boss 12 on Friday and brought the house down with his buddy Salman Khan."

"Shah Rukh made a trip to the Bigg Boss show to promote his next release Zero. The film will also star Salman Khan in a cameo. The two rocked the stage with their dance moves and we are shook."

"SRK dressed smartly but took a bit of Baaua Singh with him on stage. He draped a red towel, one that his character in the film wears, around his neck. He even made Salman Khan wear it."

"Salman and Shah Rukh danced like no one’s watching and what a sight it was. Salman wore his statement black leather jacket to top off his all-black look while the Badshah was seen in a grey jacket. "

"The two are coming back together on the big screen after 2017’s Tubelight. In Tubelight, King Khan did a cameo for Bhai and now it’s Bhai’s turn to return the favour."

"Needless to say, watching the two together is simply a treat to the eyes! Can’t wait for the upcoming grand Bigg Boss episode."

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