Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas reception: The new couple is all smiles for the media

"The D-day is here and B-towners have arrived at the wedding reception of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas."
"The newly married couple have taken their time off from the day's proceedings to interact with the media."
"Unlike many couples, NickYanka do not appear to be too clingy. They're pulling off the 'new-couple' vibe perfectly."
"We absolutely dig the way PeeCee is laughing away. It is her day after all and she looks like a million bucks."
"Nick may not be smiling as often as his new bride, but we can't blame him. As a US citizen, he's probably never seen such an extravagant, long wedding before."
"We may talk all we want about celebs gracing the reception, but the real celebrities tonight are the peeps on this photo. All the best in your new life guys!"

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