Sacred Games' cast get together and we’re looking out for Trivedi

"The cast of Netflix’s Sacred Games spent and afternoon together and we can’t stop talking about how much we loved them in the show."

"Actress Kubra Sait a.k.a Cuckoo, garnered immense appreciation for her remarkable execution of a transgender."
"So much was the appreciation for her role that Kubra says many wondered if she really was a transgender."

"To ace her intense role, she reportedly gulped down alcohol for one of the scenes to get in character."
"Jitendra Joshi, who played the role of Katekar, is one of the finest actors on the show. His death came as a rude shock to fans. "
"This is possibly the first time we are seeing the characters come together after the show’s premiere and we’re hoping they invite Trivedi the next time. "
"The show’s intriguing climax has left fans eagerly waiting for the next season already! "

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