Independence Day 2018: Celebrities uphold the spirit of freedom, remember martyrs

As India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day, celebrities all across are drenched in the colours of the nation. From Bollywood being basanti to politicians and more, the nation is proud today, for being where we are. Yes, there are certain faults that still form the core of our nation, but we will overcome those too, gradually. For now, let's just soak in the wishes for the tri-colour that the celebs are pouring in.

Shah Rukh Khan's message is straight from the bottom of his heart.

Karan Johar's Independence Day wish is pretty simple. But doing the simple isn't simple always!

Madhuri Dixit fondly remembered the ones who laid their own lives to rest to achieve a greater dream.

Boman Irani not only wishes us but also met a bunch of people who work towards making our lives better, everyday.

Also upholding the day's spirit was Dhanush, an actor we miss much in Bollywood.

Virat Kohli celebrated the day and well, did a bit of endorsement too!

We love the picture since it's so much in sync with what Rohit Sharma has written!

True. Independence is to be cherished within, no matter where and how you are.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to wish his people a Happy Independence Day.

So did Rahul Gandhi.

Priyanka Chopra's message on Indepenence Day is beautiful.

Sushmita Sen celebrated her Independence Day with the little one.

Here's Asli Sona's asli wish!

Sania Mirza salutes the nation. So do we.

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