With Luka paying fine for tax-evasion, here are nine other controversies of the beautiful game

"With an estimated 3.5 billion fans around the world (that’s half of the world’s population!), sponsors, endorsements and money involved, football is susceptible to match-fixes, tax-evasions, favouritism, nepotism and a whole lotta’ scandals. The newest case is against Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric. The skipper of the Croatian side has been accused of not disclosing his earnings he obtained through image rights and decided to pay €1m (£880,000, $1.2m) to Spanish authorities to settle the charges."

"The Real Madrid striker appeared before a Spanish court for an alleged tax-evasion of €14.7m, an income he generated through image rights, in July, 2017. He is expected to be summoned again in court later this year. Ronaldo is accused of taking advantage of a company structure created in 2010 to hide the income generated."

"Star Argentinian and Barcelona FC striker Lionel Messi and father Jorge Messi were found guilty of tax-evasion of €4.1m, an income he made through image rights. Messi’s father had created tax havens in shell companies in Belize and Uruguay to hide these earnings. Messi’s 21-month imprisonment and father’s 15-month imprisonment were reduced to €252,000 and €180,000 fine respectively. Apart from that they were fined €2m and €1.5m respectively. The father-son paid a further fine amount of €5m as ‘corrective payment’."

"Argentinian footballer and center-back of Barcelona FC, Javier Macherano was accused of not disclosing €1.5m worth of earnings that he acquired between 2011 and 2012. In 2015, he decided to pay back the money and €200,000 worth of interest. The footballer was further fined €800,000 and a suspended jail term."

"Former French football player, manager and member of the UEFA and FIFA executive communities has a string of corruption charges against him. Platini was suspended for eight years in along with FIFA president Sepp Blatter as Blatter was made ‘disloyal payments to Platini. Platini was also involved in the 2015 Greek football scandal. In April 2016, Platini has been named in the Panama Papers."

"In 1992, when French football Olympique Marseille were about to face Valenciennes FC, Marseille’s chairman, Bernard Tapie, asked mid-fielder Jean-Jacques Eydelie to bribe the Valencia’s players to go easy on them, in order to not hurt them. The French team were going to face AC Milan in the Champions League final and didn’t want their players to exert so much. When the bribing was disclosed, Eydelie was banned for a year with a suspended jail sentence."

"While playing for the Italian team Bari, Italian footballer Andrea Masiello had scored an own goal at the final day of the 2011 season of Seria A against their rivals Lecce. He later confessed to receiving bribes and was handed a 26-month ban and a 22-month suspended jail term."

"Prolific goal-scorer and star Italian striker Giuseppe Signori, after his retirement got embroiled in match-betting scandal in June, 2011. He was banned for five years from any football related activities due to his involvement in match fixing."

"The German referee Robert Hoyzer was found guilty in a football betting scandal where he confessed to affecting the outcome of a match by accepting bribes. Hoyzer was jailed for two years and banned for any activity in the capacity of a referee."

"Spanish midfielder Ander Herrera might be soring high in Manchester United but the ghost of the Levante and Zaragoza match in 2011 might come to haunt him. Herrera, who was playing for Zaragoza, is accused of bribing the players of Levante to lose the match. If convicted, he would face 4 years in prison and a fine of more than €5m."


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