#MeToo: Journalist Suparna Sharma recalls being sexually harassed by politician MJ Akbar

In the wake of the #MeToo movement which is currently gaining momentum in the country, several women have come out in open to share their sexual harassment stories at the hands of powerful men. Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar happens to be the latest name to add in the list of offenders. Six women journalists went on record to accuse the now minister with sexual harassment allegations and inappropriate behavior when he worked as a newspaper editor at The Asian Age. Now, it’s Suparna Sharma, the Resident Editor of the newspaper, who has come up with a shocking statement!


In a report published in The Indian Express, Suparna has given a detailed account of how MJ Akbar harassed her. “He plucked my bra strap and said something which I don’t remember now. I screamed at him,” she recalled.

Another incident that took place a ‘little later’ had the minister staring at her breasts. She recalls wearing a t-shirt with a quote written on it, saying, “And he stared at my breasts and then said something which I ignored.”

She added one more incident that she had witnessed, saying that a young woman who had just joined office ‘came in wearing a pair of shorts’ to office. “Akbar came out of his office, looked at her as she bent down to pick up something, and gestured at me to ask who she was”.

She further reported that at least three women confided in her about his sexual misconduct.

“He pursued almost all women in the same way – meetings in hotels, dangling plum assignments at them, sending them out of town and then arranging to meet them in a hotel, or insisting that they take a car ride with him. He mostly preyed on young women who lived alone, loved their jobs and were bright and ambitious,” she expressed.

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