Shiv Sena MLA drops bomb, criticizes #MeToo campaign

The MeToo campaign has kicked up a storm in the film industry, newsrooms, and even corporate offices, unmasking sexual offenders in its wake. Even as the campaign is unveiling new predators amongst us, a Shiv Sena MLA says it may impact a woman’s chances of landing a job. Even as the movement is gaining support from various quarter by the hour, Sanjay Shirsat, an MLA from Aurangabad, has chosen to swim against it. According to reports, he thinks any woman can file a complaint after five years, making it difficult for people to give jobs to women.


At a workshop that was set up for women’s laws, in association with the State Women’s Commission and other welfare organisations, Shirsat said more than just that. "In rural areas as well, women are exploited. However, they do not know about 'MeToo'. Such a campaign does not empower women. Due to this reason, no one will give jobs to women. Any woman can complain after two to five years,” he reportedly said, adding that it is the responsibility of the women to handle babies and take care of their families.

He didn’t stop there. Shirsat brought sarees into the mix as well. “If a husband fails to bring a new saree for his wife, will the wife in that case too make 'MeToo' allegations against her husband?" he asked. The MLA even mentioned that men get insurance plans which allow their wives to claim compensations if their husband dies. “But what do the men get after the death of their wife?" he asked.

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