Chris Gayle's daughter schools him for driving too fast!

Chris Gayle’s on-field skills can terrorise any bowler, that's just how the cookie crumbles. FYI, outside the pitch, he’s just like a regular lad, performing daddy duties with pride. The Jamaican cricketer, who is regular on Instagram (where he treats his fans glimpses of his little daughter Kris Allyna recently did the same.


In his latest Instagram stories, we see the daddy taking his daughter for a drive in his car. In the first clip, Kris is enjoying the drive, then we see her dozing off in the car and finally, it was an ice-cream time for the girl. But keeping all that aside, the best part came in when Chris’ little angel tagged daddy as wicked. The context was that Gayle is a fast driver and so Kris said the same.


Back in the month of April, Gayle took a break from cricket and took off on a family holiday to Kerala. He flooded his social media with glimpses from his trip, sending fans into a frenzy. Snaps of him spending some quality time with Allyna and wife Natasha were heart melting and how.

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