Fan tweets to Anil Kumble from the same flight, his gesture is worth an applause

Among the innumerable stars from various fields who enjoy the best of fans' affection and madness, humility separates a few.  There is definitely something special about celebrities who are forever grateful for the love they receive and are never disappointing fans. After all, that one picture or that one quick autograph can mean the world to a fan! Former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble, known as a Cricket legend who is always wearing his modesty, recently showed a similar gesture for a fan.

Tanvi Dubey, a fan of Kumble, recently discovered that they were flying in the same aircraft, and wanted a selfie. She thought it would be best to tweet to Kumble, asking him if he could oblige her. It worked. Kumble replied back to her tweet, asking her to come over for the selfie after the flight take off. How sweet is that? Tanvi soon took to Twitter once more to share the picture and thank Kumble. We can imagine her joy!



Earlier this year, a tech-writer spotted Kumble in her flight and tweeted the same way. She received his autograph on her boarding pass and we read the story on Twitter. Dear Kumble, you truly know how to make fans feel special!




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