India vs Australia 3rd Test: When Virat Kohli completed his third run in this time

There was a time when our blokes in white weren't the fastest on the pitch. If you don't quite believe us then just youtube some highlights from the 1983 World Cup or any pre-Dhoni era cricket match and you shall have your answer. Things have now changed drastically. The boys are now both fitter and faster as is evident with their performance on the field in the current series against Australia. But while Captain Virat Kohli is leading his men from the front, Cheteshwar Pujara is having a hard time catching up.

Pujara may have helped India to a solid first inningsĀ score of 443 with his second century of the series but during the 120th things got difficult for the Test specialist. Kohli had just flicked Pat Cummins to deep mid-wicket boundary where the fielder was waiting toĀ collect and releaseĀ the ball. Both the batsmen ran and completed three runs but Kohli was so fast that at one point both the batsmen were at the same end.Ā Kohli had already completed his third while Pujara was just about Jogging to the striker's end. You can watch the video here.


Kohli has always emphasisedĀ that fitness should come first for every Indian cricket player. It was the Captain who had suggested that theĀ Indian team management makes the yo-yo test compulsory. The players who fail the test should not be allowed to represent India in any format of the game. Now we really looked hard to find what could be the time in which Kohli completed his three runs on Thursday. We didn't really find it but did chance upon this speed test he did for a Sporting brand.

These are clearly not competitive conditions and 8.9 seconds looks impressive. Match conditions are different. One has to consider the heat and the humidity not to mention the time spent in the middle before the incident. We are taking nothing away from Pujara who may not be the fastest but is the most stable batsman in our Test squad today.

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