India vs Pakistan: PCB’s attempt to troll India falls flat

The real deal in cricket is when an India – Pakistan match takes place. Excited followers of the sport cannot contain their excitement as they turn on their television sets in anticipation of the most awaited moment as the two warring nations battle it out on field.

It may, however, be safe to say this passion isn’t limited to just on-field antics. India and Pakistan’s cricket boards too indulge in a war of words on social media. A recent case in point is Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) attempt to poke fun of India. So, by means of a tweet, PCB tried to revive some bitter memories for India as the last time India and Pakistan player in the final of Champions trophy, the latter hammered Virat Kohli-led team by 180 runs to win the trophy.


Nice try on their part. But even though they tried to boost the morale of their cricketers, their jibe at India fell flat on its face and ended up being trolled. PCB’s official Twitter handle misspelt the word ‘happened’ in the tweet and instantly became subject to a troll-attack. Indian fans grabbed this opportunity with open arms and took potshots at the language skills of Pakistanis.


India and Pakistan’s rivalry goes back a long way; the two countries don’t play bilateral cricket and only meet at multi-nation tournaments organized by the International Cricket Council or Asian Cricket Council. And when they do meet, it’s a feast for fans.

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