Ishant Sharma's wife Pratima Singh trolls fan asking for match ticket

The six weeks of madness (read: Indian Premier League) is about to begin. On Tuesday, the schedule for the first 17 matches of IPL was announced. It is no surprise that the Cricket crazies would soon start jamming the websites, trying to book tickets. But then, there's another league of fans that want to get their hands on free tickets and cricketers and their families are the first prey of this savage mission.  With the same intention, someone messaged Ishant Sharma's wife Pratima Singh.

However, he or she probably had no clue that a kickass reply was coming. Pratima decided to share a screenshot of the chat on Instagram. In the caption, she also summed what cricketers and their families go through during such tournaments. Just in case you had similar plans of buzzing someone randomly for a ticket, please drop it. Or else, the next screenshot might just be courtesy you.


IPL 2019 is set to kickstart on 23rd March; the opening match will have Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore locking horns. Ishant has been bought by Delhi Capitals this year and his first match will be against Mumbai Indians on 24th March.

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