Martin Guptill: New Zealand cricket’s batting (toe)rnado!

When Black Caps hero Martin Guptill was just 13, he was lying in an Auckland hospital bed getting used to the idea that for the rest of his life, he is going to live with only two toes. Yes, it’s true!


New Zealand’s Martin Guptill, who in 2015, scored Cricket World Cup’s highest individual score of 237* (163), is nicknamed Marty Two Toes, thanks to one event from his childhood. Reportedly, at the age of 13, his foot was crushed by a forklift. Doctors tried hard to get the feet rectified, but to no vail. They had to amputate three toes and thus he earned his nickname Marty Two Toes.


In a statement to an online portal, “When he realised he could walk and do everything again he got right back into it, even harder than before. I think he realised in a flash everything could be lost so he’s making the most if it,” said Peter, Martin’s father, about his son’s grit. Peter was able to get former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming to visit Martin in the hospital which automatically uplifted Guptill’s spirits.

Well, in short, this proves that no disability is big enough to pause anyone from achieving big heights in life. All you need is strong determination and focus to achieve his dreams.


Two toes is definitely an inspiration!


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