To ‘Sir’ with love: Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli break down at the funeral pyre

He not only spotted and nurtured Cricket talents all his life, but also passed on his legacy of dedication and hard work to the Cricketers he taught. Ramakant Achrekar not only built numerous Cricketers who later went on to represent the nation but also curated the now invincible Bombay cricket, which will continue with Kamath Memorial Cricket Club founded by him. The legendary coach breathed his last on Wednesday, leaving the Cricket fraternity mourning. At his funeral, it was a moving sight to see his 'student' Sachin Tendulkar lending his shoulder as his 'sir' slipped into deep slumber forever.


Tendulkar never felt a single opportunity to proclaim the immense respect he had for Achrekar and dedicated him all his professional fulfilments. Isn't that everything a guru really dreams of? After he learned that his sir was no more, all a distressed Sachin could do was to recall how he still stands strong on the values he inherited from Achrekar. "Sir will enrich the game in heaven. He taught me to not only play straight but also live straight. Like a lot of his students, I learned the ABC of cricket from sir. His contribution to not just my cricket career but to my life cannot be captured in words. He has built the foundation that I stand on today,' he told Mumbai Mirror.


On Thursday morning, the master blaster along with friend Vinod Kambli was headed to the late coach's residence. Like they've been by their sir's side all this while, Both Tendulkar and Kambli were seen accompanying the mortal remains inside the car and then to the funeral spot. Calm and composed all this while and steady with their duties, both the cricketers were putting up a show of strength. They, however, could not hold back anymore as the cremation reached its final stages. The God of cricket was in tears even as Vinod Kambli was inconsolable. More strength to these two and the many who have lost their beloved Achrekar ‘Sir’. 

How great a life a man must have lived, that he departed with this much honour?

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