Voila! We have solved the mystery behind Shivnarine Chanderpaul's black eye patch

Former West Indian cricketer Shivnarine Chanderpaul is one of the most underrated players to be a part of the modern day cricket. The batsman who represented the West Indies in cricket for more than two decades is famously known for his ‘crab-like’ batting style. He played a true anchor’s role for the Caribbean team over the years.


Apart from his unique batting style, the batsman always was in the question for black patches below his eyes. He used to put two stickers under his eyes and many wondered what it was.

But finally the rabbit is out of the box as we will reveal what the dark patches under Chanderpaul eyes were. The stickers were anti-glare patches used to reduce light entering the peripheral area of the eyes so that he could bat and field without being affected by the sun rays. If you're familiar with American football, you must have seen players using the anti-glare patches to get the sun glare out of players' eyes.


The anti-glare patches also help in protecting eyes from the heat. There have been lots of claims about the functioning of such patches. Some people claim that they don't help much but players who have used these patches say that they really help to improve efficiency in the field as they are able to adjust well under the Sun.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul scored 11,000 runs in test cricket and about 9000 runs in ODIs, his legacy reflects dedication, commitment, and passion he carried for over two decades. He has 41 centuries and 125 fifties in international cricket which speaks of his abilities as a batsman.

Well after this revelation, the mystery that bugged many 90’s kids is finally solved.

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