Cristiano Ronaldo gives open challenge to Lionel Messi, will the latter accept it?

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina’s Lionel Messi are the top two names that come to mind when we think of football rivalry. The two, who are good friends off the field, are intense rivals on the field. Over the years we have seen the two battle it out and give fans some of the best football games to watch. And it looks like Ronaldo wants more games opposite Messi. The Portugal player has challenged his Argentinean mate to push his limits and ‘try something new’.

On Monday while addressing the media in Italy to mark his 150 days of playing for Juventus, Ronaldo was quizzed about Messi and he said, "I'd like him to come to Italy one day. I hope he accepts the challenge like me, but if he's happy there then I respect that." Interestingly this comes in after the Argentinian maestro scored two stunning free kicks to lead Barcelona to an amazing win over Espanyol.


When Ronaldo was asked if he misses Messi, who has spent his entire senior career at Barcelona, the Portuguese player had a cheeky reply. "No, maybe it's him who misses me. I've played in England, Spain, Italy, Portugal and for my national team, while he's still in Spain. Maybe he needs me more... For me, life is a challenge, I like it and I like to make people happy. I left my comfort zone and took on this challenge here in Turin, everything has gone well, I've proven I'm still an incredible player," he said.


The 33-year-old player also opened up on not winning the Ballon d'Or this year, after dominating it for a decade along with Messi and losing it to Luka Modric. “Of course I'm disappointed, but life goes on and I will continue to work hard. On the pitch I've done everything to win the Ballon d'Or, numbers do not lie, but I'm no less happy if I do not win, I have wonderful friends and a family, I play in one of the best clubs. Congratulations to Modric, who has earned the award, but next year we will meet again and I will do everything to win the prize again.”


It will be interesting to see what Messi will accept or even react to Ronaldo’s open challenge. But as fans, we would want him to accept the challenge and would love the two to take on each other.

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