The official oracle for FIFA World Cup 2018 is revealed! Find out who

Come June 14, the biggest football tournament in the world will take off. This year, the FIFA World Cup will be played in Russia. Players are hard at work getting ready for the event and fans are busy getting their schedules cleared out. And just like every year, we’ve got an animal who will predict the results of each match. In case you were wondering, this year’s soothsayer is a cat, and his name is Achilles.

Achilles is deaf and resides in the Hermitage Museum in Russia. He has been chosen to predict the winners of each of the matches in Russia.


Usually, Achilles, the blue-eyed, white cat, patrols the museum in St Petersburg. This year, he will be temporarily relieved of his guard duties and will be in charge of fortune telling. Achilles is used to predicting matches. He had previously predicted the results for the 2017 Confederations Cup. Out of a total of four, he correctly predicted three matches.


Of course, Achilles isn’t the first animal oracle for the world cup. Last time it was Paul the octopus. Before the tournament, Achilles is kept on a strict diet chart and has undergone a medical check. According to reports, he will make predictions by choosing between two mice, that he will eat.

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