Monkeygate rears its ugly head, Harbhajan Singh calls Andrew Symonds a good fiction writer

2008's infamous Monkeygate incident which involved Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds has resurfaced once again. In a recent claim by the Kangaroo cricketer, Symonds has revealed that Harbhajan broke down and apologised for racially abusing the cricketer a decade ago on the 2008 tour. But in a twist it tales, Harbhajan Singh has denied the claims made by Symonds and even went on to call the former middle-order batsman an amazing fiction writer.

The Indian off-spinner took to Twitter to clear the air and firstly denied the claims made by the Australian cricketer. He later went on and in his next tweet said that "I thought he was a very good cricketer but Symonds has turned out to be a good fiction writer - he sold a story then (2008) and he is ‘selling a story’ now (2018). Mate, the world has come of age in these 10 years and it’s time you also grew up" he said in the tweet.


Talking about the incident, Symonds recalled the details of the night where he claims that the Indian cricketer apologised for his behaviour in Sydney. “We go to a very wealthy man’s place for a barbecue, drinks and dinner one night and the whole team’s there and he had guests there, and Harbhajan said ‘mate, can I speak to you for a minute out in the garden out the front?," Symonds revealed to the Fox Cricket documentary.

“He goes, ‘look, I’ve got to say sorry to you for what I did to you in Sydney. I apologise, I hope I didn’t cause you, your family, your friends too much harm and I really apologise for what I said, I shouldn’t have said it. And he actually broke down crying, and I could just see that was a huge weight off his shoulders, he had to get rid of it," he added.


Interestingly the two warring cricketers shared a common dressing room a decade ago while playing for the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. Both the players gelled up well during their IPL days and looked like they have moved on in life keeping the monkeygate controversy behind, or have they?

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