Diego Maradona needs a hand from God to get through this post match interview

Admit it, besides Leo Messi, the only reason you watched Argentina’s World Cup run earlier this year is thanks to Diego Maradona. His off-the-field shenanigans were the stuff of legend and inspired countless memes. Recently, Maradona became the butt of a new joke after a post-match interview following Mexican side Dorados de Sinaloa’s defeat in the hands of Juarez.

The 58-year-old replaced Francisco Gamez as the coach for Sinaloa after the latter was sacked. Following the defeat, the former Argentina player was cornered by reporters from ESPN, and…well, suffice to say, the legendary footballer was out of words for a good couple of seconds before nodding his head.

When asked about the MX League and the level of football there, Maradona let his silence do the talking.  Watch the video below:

Maradona started his managerial career at Sinaloa with a fair bit of success. His side secured a smooth 2-0 win against Leones Negros back in October. It was widely reported that after the win, he began dancing with one of his players. It’s not every day that you see a coach shake a leg with a player!

During the World Cup, ol’ Diego made the headlines after he produced a ‘two finger salute’ when Argentina secured a dramatic victory over Nigeria to move to the next round.

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