Neymar’s new tattoo is set to drive Marvel and DC fans mad

Outside of football, Brazilian star Neymar Jr has a unique hobby. Neymar seems very interested in comics and tattoos and tattoos of comic characters. Last month Neymar released the first issue of his new graphic novel series titled Inked: Art Animates Life. The story revolves around a superhero with a set of magical tattoos. But Neymar’s passion for comics and tattoos don’t end there. Recently he unveiled a new tattoo, one that is bound to spark of a heated debate.

Neymar’s body is already full of tattoos and yet he managed to squeeze in two more. The latest in his collection of tattoos include Spiderman and Batman, inked across his back. The wall-crawler is inked on the left, while the billionaire vigilante found a place on the right side of Neymar’s back. That tattoo may look cool but we’re worried that Marvel and DC fans might have something to say about it.

In case you’re not familiar, Spiderman is a creation of Marvel Comics while Batman comes from DC’s stables.

The tattoo was shared by Thieres Paim, a Sao Paulo based artist. Translated, the caption reads, "As everyone knows, Neymar is a fan of the characters Spider-Man and Batman. Today I had the pleasure of tattooing them on his skin!"

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