Serial offender Romano Fenati faces MotoGP life-ban for grabbing rival’s brakes

Several racers from MotoGP are now calling for a lifetime ban of Moto2 racer Romano Fenati for committing a dangerous stunt during the race – one which could’ve lead to fatal consequences to a fellow rider. The Italian grabbed the brake lever of Stefano Manzi’s bike while they were still racing, and received a black flag.

It has been reported that Fenati’s actions came as a result of Manzi’s attempt to overtake his opponent a couple of laps before. He had tried to run Manzi off the track and received a six-place grid penalty for his next race, per reports.

Cruising at over 225 km/h, Fenati pulled close to Manzi’s side and tapped the brakes on the latter’s bike, causing him to briefly lose control. Britain’s Cal Crutchlow told the media that Fenati should never be allowed to ride again.

"I think he should never race a motorcycle again," Crutchlow told the media. "When he walked back to the garage, the team should have just kicked him straight out the back. We are risking our lives enough. Sure, maybe there was contact before, but there is contact all the time.”

Former MotoGP rider Colin Edwards told the media that Fenati “put somebody's life in danger". This isn’t the first time Fenati is in the news for wrongdoing. Back in 2016, he was released by the Sky VR46 programme of Valentino Rossi for poor behaviour.

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