Sachin Tendulkar will have many opportunities for progress this year, predicts ganesha

He is often called the “Master Blaster” or “The Little Master” and is regarded as one of the best batsmen to have ever been born! Guess, this is enough for anyone to reckon that we are talking about Sachin Tendulkar, who has been praised as a glorious cricketer, not just in India, but across the globe. This sports star celebrates his birthday on the 24th of April and turns freaking 46 this year!

The birthday boy started his career at the age of just 16 years where he debuted in the test series against Pakistan, in the year 1989. Unfortunately, Sachin couldn’t score a run in his debut match. But, he soon picked up the pace and went on to be the first batsman to have scored more than 30,000 runs in International Cricket! He also scored his hundredth century against Bangladesh, which is a record in itself. Furthermore, this nail-hitting cricketer is a recipient of various awards and accolades including the Bharat Ratna which is India’s highest civilian award. Respect! The savage cricketer retired in the year 2013 but lives young in every Indian’s heart.


Astrological Predictions:

In the forthcoming year, the birthday star will be presented with many opportunities to progress in his life. To be honest, the transiting Saturn may cause a few problems, but he will be able to resolve the pending issues with some ease. He will be able to express his ideas with more confidence and enthusiasm which, in turn, will also boost his chances to strike profitable deals. He will find more opportunities to express his creative talents as well. Some new friendships or business partnerships may be formed now. Also, he may get opportunities to travel for personal or professional matters.

"Sachin Tendulkar will have many opportunities for progress this year, predicts ganesha"
Sachin Tendulkar will have many opportunities for progress this year, predicts ganesha

This period will force him to focus on his personal life. He will want to start moving forward with his ambitions and is likely to set new goals for himself, but obstacles may not allow him to break the shackles. This could be a year to plan a sound expansion program and take advantage of opportunities that can lead him to a wider field of activity and influence. However, he will require to take extra care of his health due to the adverse transit of Saturn. Some old health issues might resurface this year, says Ganesha.

Although, he would be in a strong position to find out an alternative way to keep himself active and busy. There are possibilities that the transit of benefic Jupiter may turn out to be positive for him, showering him with attractive assignments in commercial endorsements from top branded companies.  His family life will be running smoothly, and he will be able to enjoy his precious time with the children joyously. He may also be in a better position to control and improve his relations with personalities associated with his activities.

The legit cricketer may get an offer for holding an honorary and crucial position in the World of Cricket in India, post 4th November 2019 as the Jupiter would transit over the planets posited in the house of his chart.

He may start some new business venture of his own or as a partner till his next birthday, post the above said period. There are possibilities to have one more feather to his crown if he is awarded a prestigious award from a reputed National level organization or the Government of India.

We hope the Little Master has a great birthday and experiences a prosperous year ahead!

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