Shane Warne reveals how he became a Chelsea fan for life

Cricket is a gentleman’s game but there are few bad boys in the sport and Shane Warne definitely tops the charts. The former Aussie spin legend, who was famous for his ruthless game on field, is also widely known for his antics off the field. The 49-year-old ace bowler, who is known to be a fan of England's Premier League side Chelsea, recently revealed the rather scary reason behind choosing to support the team.


"I had caught the train from Bristol to London and was on the tube when some guy with a Chelsea scarf and Chelsea stuff all over him came up to me and said 'who do you support?'," Warne said. "I looked at him and in his hand he had a big knife - a bit like the one Paul Hogan had in Crocodile Dundee when he says 'that's a knife' - so I said 'I support Chelsea. And ever since then, I have been too scared to support anyone else," he confessed.

Warne has been supporting the Blue team ever since he first visited the United Kingdom back in 1989.

That’s a unique but terrifying way to start supporting a football club, but given that this is Shane Warne, we’re surprised he didn’t fight back.

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