Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook venture gets a thumbs down in China

Just a day after Facebook gained approval to open a subsidiary in China, a major setback has hit the platform as China has withdrawn its approval for the new Facebook venture.

This comes as a huge blow to Facebook which is trying to earn a foothold in the country with the highest population in the world. This news has come from an anonymous source who refuses to be named.  The person says that the decision has come in the wake of a disagreement between Zhejiang officials and the Cyberspace Administration of China, as the latter was upset for not being consulted on this.

This incident determines how challenging it is for the globally powerful social media platform to get into China. It’s main platform has been blocked since a decade. Its other services like Instagram have also lacked behind the filters of the Government. Google, which had its services blocked in China for a while, has been making progress opening an artificial-intelligence center and also releasing a game in the market. LinkedIn has made its presence felt by censoring content at Beijing’s request.

This entire scenario depicts that China’s bureaucracy is pretty complicated and Facebook has clearly no chances in the current scenario to break through in China.

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